Certified Low Emissions Valve Stem Packing

Certified Low Emissions packing for high temperature service is here! It’s called Thermafoil ® 2236-CLE and is crafted into fugitive emissions compliant valve packing sets by EGC Enterprises using Teadit 2236 style braid. It’s high-density, die-molded valve stem packing that is self-lubricating, non-hardening, dimensionally stable and resistant to gasses, fluids, heat, pressure and chemicals.

Thermafoil 2236-CLE delivers the best results in controlling emissions averaging 2ppmv with NO gland adjustment (acceptable EPA level is 100 ppmv). It’s the only API 622 approved packing that doesn’t degrade at 500oF and has passed emissions testing at 850oF.

smiling-stem-packing-250wAnd certifications? Thermafoil 2236-CLE has been approved to meet API 622, ISO15848(for both Control Valves and On/Off Valves), ANSI/ API 607, TA-LUFT and Chevron Texaco’s fugitive emissions packing test standards. To tell the truth, it’s the best sealing valve stem packing for high-temperatures available on the market today.

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